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 Thursday  |  05.23.2024

behold UPA192

behold Gentle products:



Integrated Amplifier

behold Classic products :





Audio Processing Unit is the pre-amp of the behold system. All audio functions and all control functions are executed here.
Width: 484mm (19")

Bi-Amping Power Amplifier is a mono + stereo final stage with two fully balanced bridges with a digital input at 768 kHz of audio sampling rate.
Width: 484mm (19")

The same final stage as
BPA768-484-B with a little button, however, for the special light effects.
Width: 484mm  (19")

Bi-Amping Power Amplifier like the other two, but considerably more narrow in the form and quite simple in the design of the faceplate.
Width: 400mm


Octal Digital Input is a module that makes available eight digital standard inputs.


Analogue Digital Converter is a module featuring eight analogue signal inputs. They can be used either as four times stereo inputs or for 5.1 to 7.1 signals.


Digital Input / Output is a module with three digital standard inputs and also three digital standard outputs.


Serial Data Input is a module to receive digital audio signals coming from the behold MCK768 to process e.g. phono signals.


Serial Data Output is a module to pass on the audio signals processed in the pre-amp to the final stages or D/A-converters.


Digital Analogue Converter is the D/A-Converter to be used directly within the APU768 pre-amp.


CDP768 is the module to control the CD-Player. At the same time the PCM-Audio data are converted to the APU768 level.


DPS192 is a Digital Phono Module for use with Moving Coil or Moving Magnet Systems including the behold Digital Equalizer.


This CD-Player is a true mass disk drive. The corpus is milled from a full block of aluminum. The disk drive is put in from the bottom. The player has no operating devices. The controling is done completely by the APU768.


Moving Coil Adapter is the first stage with AD converter to record phono signals.


Master Clock is the unit to reprocess the signals of the MCA768. It also produces the system clock when used.


D/A-Converter for the recovery of the analogue audio signal to use "foreign" final stage amplifiers.

Power Supply

The power supply of the behold APU768 is solved external to avoid the presence of mains voltages or hum and for space reasons.


Digital Phono-Pre-Amplifier with analogue inputs for MC and MM offering digital (S/PDIF, optical and electrical, USB) as well as analogue outputs. Optional with synchronous motor supply.

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