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 Saturday  |  11.26.2022
Products - behold Classic - DA-Converter - DAC768 

DAC768: D/A-Converter 768kHz

On the Playback Side

of the behold audio system the D/A-Converter DAC768 is, besides the final stage BPA768, the essential part  for the recovery of the analogue audio signal.

This D/A-Converter

is always designed in mono. It should be arranged as close as possible to the power output stage so that the audio cables, always full of losses, are as short as possible.

The Power Final Stage

then is arranged as near as possible to the respective loudspeaker. This is, however, the case anyway in professional High End setups.

Mono Stages

whether DAC768 or BPA768, ensure a very, very high channel separation from themselves. 

Eight 24 Bit D/A-Converters

are used for the recovery of the precious analogue signal as we did not want to economize on this essential part.

The Number Eight 

arises from four pairs which convert time moved to achieve best possible results.

Sixteen Converters

involved at stereo while there are eight D/A-Converter per channel.

The Analogue Signal

is of course output symmetrically, both via an XLR output and alternatively via two asymmetrical Cinch outputs in phase and anti phase.

Plug-in Power Supply

As described already at the SDO768 the possibility exists to support the power supply of the DAC768 with a small plug-in power supply if the interconnection cable gets too long with more than 10 m.

The pre-amp

behold APU768 informs at the latest by a corresponding report, whether this becomes necessary.

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