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 Thursday  |  05.23.2024

The Concept of behold

The concept of behold is based on the idea that the task to do is to transport the information given on the sound recording medium as loss free as possible to the loudspeaker. This concept has its main goal to obtain that nothing is to be lost or added on the way through the whole audio system. Digital transmission systems prove is much better than analogue to transfer data "loss free" . This characteristic is the reason why at behold transmission lines work always digital, only there is no other way (loudspeaker cables for example).

Maximum care is to be taken for the interfaces to the analogue world, i.e. the A/D- and D/A-converters. All errors made here can not be compensated else ware, they have to be minimized from the beginning. This is the reason why behold uses much higher sampling rates then others, a rate of 768kHz. While digital sound recording mediums do not offer such high sampling rates behold is converting those rates to its high level of rates.

A Tube Amplifier

will for certain produce a sound via its square characteristics which will not be found on the sound carrier. And it can so surely be exact that this sounds "warmer" than at behold. We decided very carefully not using any tube.

Filigree Parts of the Music

offered by today's sound carriers including Vinyl for often, if not always, will hopelessly be drowned in the arising marsh of the warmer sounding square disturbing products. It has turned out that really audiophile listeners greatly appreciate the essential improvement offers by behold.

behold is the registered trademark for the audio products made by ballmann.

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