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 Wednesday  |  11.29.2023
Concept - Abbreviated 

About behold Abbreviated:

The Young Brand behold

is the audiophile translation of the know-how of the company Ballmann Electronica GmbH which produces the most complex high frequency network analyzers up to 6 GHz since 1985.

The Outstanding Design

does not know any switches in the conventional meaning, also no power switches. Almost everything can be controlled by a jog-dail and the pull-down menu control. The timeless simple form results by aluminium milled out a full block, "hand made in Germany".

Among the High-End

of the top class till now behold is the only one and in addition modular system at which the audio signal is processed throughout and up to the last meaningful consequence digitally and thus loss-free. The sampling frequency is 768 kHz at 24 bits, 4-fold of SACD, and therefore includes all common standard sampling frequencies.

The Audio Wiring

between the behold components is carried out via reasonably priced 50Ω coaxial lines which may moreover be longer and very thin. In any case the audio data will be transferred loss-free.

All Devices

work with ultra precise VCO quartz oscillators resulting in a practically jitter-free processing of the audio data. Especially data formats developed for the transmission of the audio data enables at the same time a perfect drive of the PLL-circuits.

Standardized Digital data

of an external stereo signal are converted for the further processing in two steps, first stepless to192 kHz and then to 768 kHz independent of the sampling rate and also independent of as much these are jitter-disturbed. By that behold gets most largely independent of the jitter quality of the delivered digital audio data.

For Enthusiasts of Vinyl

of all kind a digital equalization stage is available on highest level of all with 768 kHz/24 bits which moreover permits to use any conceivable characteristics. These can be entered and stored very simple numerically or graphically via a PC.

The USB-Interface

permits the audio data transfer to every PC with USB connection. Secondary settings of the behold system as well as free software updates are also effected via this USB interface.

The Bluetooth Remote Control

on the base of a Pocket PC ends with "aiming" on the devices. The remote control from the neighbour room is just as natural as the update ability of the software or other use of the Pocket PC. 

The behold Final Stages

contain technical qualities very well desirable, never, however, ever existing so far: 


16 pieces of 24 bits precision D/A-Converter


two analogous full bridges for Bi-Amping

digital overload protection and digital idle current setting for "real A operation" via signal processor

Integrated Power Conditioner

Audio clock synchronous switched mode power supplies

The Overall Approach

in case of behold produces a result of tonal quality highest of all. Today, such a musical reproduction with such a clarity and dissolving cannot be found eslewher.


If somebody is not convinced completely by the known audio systems should in no case miss listening the behold system.

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