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 Saturday  |  11.26.2022
Concept - Highlights 

The modular Pre-Amplifier APU768:

According to our idea

"switches" and "keyboards" are operating devices of the past, at least at an audio system of this superlative level.

The Variability of Software

moreover requires to get rid of traditional structures like tight assigned keyboards etc.

The Further Development

forces to go new ways while the product is already standing with the customer.

Graphical Display

is a magic word which is already known for some time and already part of everyday life at many devices.

The Remote Control:


The solution is radio link. Unlike the IR remote control this works bi-directionally which means that a change in the setting at the pre-amp is shown directly on the remote control display.

Handy + Clear

are all relevant parameters to be arranged on the coloured LCD display, a touch-screen naturally.

Fully Update Access

of the remote control software was the second fundamental aspect. It doesn't make sense to develop an audio system with a very high expansion capability and then be completely limited by the remote control. The solution is: Pocket PC.

For every device

one remote control and not for every device a different one and there may be an additional behold device at any time.

Digital Audio- System with a Modular Construction

In contrast

to many other top level High End Audio Systems behold has a modular concept as its basis.

This Modularity

enables the user to choose his preferred setup individually according to his ideas and wishes. Additions are possible at any time.

The General Concept

provides from the beginning many possibilities for individual arrangements and additions without limiting the main idea.

The Pre-Amp APU768

offers space to plug up to 14 modules. Different modules or also many of the same module can be used depending on the preference of the user.

The Controlling

is through a pre-amp available with an LCD display and the bit-generators giving the commands. A USB 1.1 interface is installed also.

The Operation

of the modules is carried out via a parallel bus system in which the order of the modules is unimportant. This bus system provides the digital control signals and two digital high speed audio channels which can be used independently by each other.

No Power Supply

is used in the pre-amp APU768. For good reason we use an external power supply. Mains frequencies and higher voltages should not be placed inside a pre-amp of the highest quality.

Important Space

is therefore available for more meaningful additions. All customers may not need to use the complete space for extensions. There should, however, be free space available from the beginning with no restrictions.

BPA768:  Bi-Amping Power Amplifier 768kHz




The Power Final Stage

in the behold system can be used as a Bi-Amping final stage. It serves in this configuration as a mono block with two identical outputs, in case e.g. if one wants to control two loudspeaker systems parallel without connecting these in parallel, however, physically.

As a Classic Stereo Final Stage

it can also be operated. This, however, requires longer speaker cables. Switching between Bi-Amping and Stereo Mode is performed in the pre-amp. APU768.

For 5.1 ... 7.1

three to four BPA768-400 as a team are then very well suitable for the six/eight required channels. At 5.1 one is used for left-front and left-behind, a second one for right-front and right-behind and of course the third one for center and bass.

myAPU: The program for settings + Up-Dates

The Software to Update the complete behold Audio System: the APU, all its modules, the BPA power-amp, the D/A-converter and the remote control.

Just take a Laptop or a PC, use its USB-connection and download the latest version of myAPU. It was never easier to get the Audio System "Up To Date". All this is accomplished by a very simple interactive control tool.

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