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 Monday  |  09.25.2023
Concept - Common Goal 

General Target of a Top Level High End System

From the start two things are essential:

On one hand

there is the demand for playback of music as authentic as technically possible. To do justice to this demand it is necessary that the audio signals remain true to life, unchanged and thus unadulterated.

On the other hand

represents the appearance of the equipment is a very important aspect. The senses must be stimulated positively and for this purpose not only the “audio” but also the "visual" is essential.


the claim for a musical authenticity formulated here is not absolutely the aim of efforts for not only few manufacturers. Often they have the objective that the audio chain performs a "phantasic sound".

The Sound

according to our idea is the incumbency of the musician or the musicians. We demand and expect of our system that it does not sound i.e. not produces a sound "by it's own".

Previous High End Systems

In Conventional Audio Systems

almost exclusively analogue audio signals are handled even if the data source delivers digital signals. In this case great efforts are stupidly made to lead back this signal as quick as possible to the analogue platform and by which it is exposed to the negative effects of the analogue technique.

The Noise

does not only arise in the analogue active components from non-linearities, but also from the transmission in the analogue cables. This noise is caused by the complex characteristic impedances of audio cables. They produce unintentional phase turns dependent of the frequency which can not be compensated straight away.

At Every Interface

from a component to the interconnecting cable there are distortions and interactions which arise and these increase with every extra analog component.

Attempts of Compensation

remain inadequate and should be restricted to actually those applications were there is really no other way, e.g. at loudspeaker cables.

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