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 Monday  |  07.15.2024

Gentle G192 in 3 different versions now:



Integrated Amplifier

Tri-Amping Mono Block with active crossover (DSP)


The UPA192 is a tri-amping mono block in one housing. Three amplifiers with 160W, 80W and 20W are incorporated besides the active crossover achieved by DSP technology operating non-compromised phase-linear filters. Active room correction can be applied. The binding posts are placed on the front all the other connections are placed on the rear below the large upright passive cooler.

The UPA192 can be fed by any digital stereo signal or by an analog mono high level signal. Its multi functional input sockets allow all common connectors to be used, optical and electrical, balanced und unbalanced in analog and digital domain.

It can be cascaded as often as desired to expand for more than three channels per side. The most important setting for operation could be done at the dip-switch on the rear.

UPA192 Brochure 150dpi.pdf

TWBAS 2009:

The Worlds
Audio System

TWBAS2009 The Event - 2.4MB

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