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 Thursday  |  05.23.2024
What's new? 

What's New on this Website?

You will find all the new designed and revised pages here in chronological order, since the 20th June 2004:

09.10.2011: behold loudspeaker

17.03.2010: Gentle G192 Media-Player Gentle G192 Pre-Amplifier
Gentle G192 Integrated Amplifier TWBAS 2009 revised
UPA192 Brochure 150dpi.pdf Gentle G192-Media Brochure 150dpi.pdf

21.04.2009: TWBAS 2009 Gentle G192 revised

14.11.2008: myG192 Control Center

29.09.2008: "My Journey into Sound: Part Two"

16.02.2008: Gentle G192 with UMAN-Networking New flyer Gentle G192

16.02.2008: Technical data Gentle G192

28.10.2007: Various completions press 2007 Shop in DE in Metzingen Setup in Tri-Amping

28.05.2007: Voices of the press 2007 Exhibitions and sessions 2007

06.05.2007: Integrated Amplifier Gentle G192 Flyer Gentle G192

25.06.2006: Session Multifoon HiFi ViFi Test Report behold More Show reports Munich HighEnd2006

ADP192 Audio Data Processor Room Correction Flyer ADP192 Audio Data Processor

15.06.2006: Distributors for Turkey and Scandinavia

11.06.2006: Pictures Munich HighEnd2006

07.06.2006: Show reports Munich HighEnd2006 The new website: www.behold.eu

09.05.2006: Sales in the US: behold-USA

09.04.2006: "My Journey into Sound: Part One"

31.03.2006: Stereo Configurations Exhibitions/Sessions 2006

05.03.2006: Separated Exhibitions from Sales New version of myPSD: V2.013

27.02.2006: Exhibitions + Sales completely new

19.02.2006: "Concept" completely revised
"BPA768" completely revised

20.01.2006: DPS192 Digital Phono Stage modul for the APU768

22.10.2005: Brochure PSD192M Digital Phono Stage

09.10.2005: Press with complete new outfit

04.10.2005: Pictures of the PSD192 and PSD192M

26.09.2005: PSD192 Digital Phono Stage latest version
Maintenance + Updates myPSD192

31.05.2005: Flyer PSD192 Digital Phono Stage

03.05.2005: PSD192 Digital Phono Stage

24.10.2004: Download Brochure
Maintenance + Updates

05.10.2004: Supplementation Products
Supplementation of Data Sheets of APU-Modules
Supplementation Todays Components
CD-Player Module CDP768

11.07.2004: CE-Certificate
Supplementation Datasheet APU768
Supplementation Datasheet BPA768-484
Supplementation Datasheet BPA768-400

20.06.2004: The Press Robert Jorgensen

20.06.2004: The Press
Photo Gallery
Pictures of Setups
Pictures of Devices
Pictures of APU768
Pictures of APU-Modules
Pictures of BPA768

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