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 Saturday  |  11.26.2022
Products - behold Gentle - Integrarted Amplifier 

Gentle G192: The most versatile playback "System"

Gentle G192 is introducing a new class of High-End-Audio-Devices

The very compact integrated amplifier Gentle G192 with its bi-amping capability (four amplifiers included) and corresponding filtering technology (active crossover) has always been versatile. Data, analog or digital (it contains its own state of the art DACs), can be processed from any source. It also has the finest room correction available in the High-End-Audio-Market. All of these technologies in one unit established a new class of High-End-Audio-Devices not available from any other manufacturer worldwide.

Now, an even higher standard has been attained, something purists have been waiting for: the “HDD-Player”. No further device is required! This player is an integral part of the Gentle G192 since the hardware was designed in from the very beginning. One Device – One Remote

As an external HDD-Player is always an additional device needing additional power supply, in most cases it requires another remote – a real annoyance for most. At the Gentle G192 almost everything works with only one remote control.

Without a detour - All-In-One

The Gentle G192 is the first All-In-One High-End-Audio-Device worldwide with only one small exception. It contains almost all audio functionality one gets elsewhere only by a numerous amount of devices:
- four Mono-Block Power-Amplifiers for intermediate use of bi-amping speakers with a minimum of for binding posts per speaker. Real mono-blocks since each final stage is running autonomous and each has its own power supply unit,

- one Pre-Amplifier doing all the “administration” of inputs and outputs and all the things belonging to such an instance,

- one Digital-Media-Player with a 120GB of space on a hard disk to playback of approx. 12,000 minutes of music absolutely free of losses,
- one Interface-Processor with a full colored touch screen handles all the communication to the outer world. It’s not only the setting of the volume or the inputs etc. but also managing links and the processing of audio data sent by a computer. The integrated 10/100MBit-Ethernet enables a fast reception of audio data from “any” local TCP/IP-network,

- one Audio-Signal-Processor with phase-linear band-pass-filters and the world’s best room correction,
- four D/A-Converters processing the audio signals coming from the DSP into the analog world. Looking to the analog final stages those converters are monolithic and very short before the final stage itself. There is nothing more negative in between. Looking at the switched amplifier stages there is a digital high precision Delta-Sigma-Converter changing the I2S audio signal to a pulse-modulated-signal to feed the final switched stages, - one Power-Conditioner taking care that all sensitive stages, especially those handling audio signals, are fed with perfect supply allowing the use of the Gentle G192 on mains supplies from 100V to 240V without any switching.
All this summed up: a Gentle G192, fully equipped, contains the following 11 High-End-Audio-Devices:

Four Mono-Block Power-Amplifiers - Pre-Amplifier - Interface-Processor - HDD-Player - DSP - two D/A-Converter - Power-Conditioner.

Needless to say that such a system purchased separately, would take up plenty of space and if one combined the pricing it would be much higher than the equivalent Gentle. One thing will never be achieved by separate components like that: an optimum coordination of all components. Such a combination can be found under the name behold only.
Phono with MC/MM available too

The “small exception” in completeness of the Gentle G192 mentioned is the fact that there is no phono-pre-amplifier within the Gentle itself. The reason is that there is no way to isolate the “noise” of the analog or switched power amplifiers. The signals coming from a MC cartridge are too small in comparison to the final stage amplifiers. The efforts in housing needed would not be adequate within this league of products. For this reason our phono-pre-amplifier, the behold PSD192, stands aside to the Gentle G192 as the perfect companion. Within this device is the most flexibility and highest quality, excellence and convenience our competitors can only dream of. The digital processed audio signal of the PSD192 will be transferred via an S/PDIF connection at highest bit-rate (192kHz), totally loss free and without any interference to the Gentle G192.

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