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 Wednesday  |  11.29.2023
Products - behold Classic - Phono Stage 

PSD192M: Digital Phono Pre-Amplifier with Synchronous Motor Supply

Playback of Vinyl

most audiophile and on the latest technical level. Exquisite analogue technique (AD797) combined with A/D-Conversion at a sampling rate of 192kHz 2x 24Bit. The equalisation is achieved digitally with DSPs according this very high level of accuracy.

Concept of Handling

The variety of functions and the simple concept of handling fills the user with enthusiasm. The PSD192M is operated by the three buttons on the front panel or individually adjusted by very comfortable by the configuration software.

The Motor Supply

of the PSD192M drives synchronous motors very high precision and crystal stabilized for all voltages between 6V and 24V. All three speeds 33/45/78 RPM are to be used without limitations.

Absolute + Relative

are the settings of the speed control and can also be stored. This enables a basic adjustment of the turntable system for all three speeds to have a correct basis whenever needed. From this point one can act relative to achieve individual adjustments just for the moment.

Standard USB-Interface

enables to connect the PSD192 to every PC- or MAC biased computer. The configuration and firmware update are only possible with the Windows XP/2000 operating system. Whereas audio recording can be achieved by all operating systems supporting USB-Audio-Devices.

8 Equalizer Functions

are preset:

RIAA, RIAA (IEC), TELDEC, AES, Columbia LP M33, NAB, NARTB and London M33+M45

Software myPSD192

Just in case you want to define your own equalizer functions, perform an update or adjust the PSD192M using a PC you have to use the software myPSD192 supplied in the shipment. Actual Updates can be downloaded free of charge from www.behold.eu

Maintenance + Updates: myPSD192

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