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 Saturday  |  11.26.2022
Products - behold Gentle - Media Player 

Gentle G192-Media Player: The “unusual” Media-Player

From the principal point of view the Gentle G192-Media player is not a regular “Media-Player”, but a player with features no other can offer. As the most simple you can very easily playback music from a USB-stick. Or you use an external USB-HDD. The front panel touch screen makes it easy to use.

The CD playback doesn’t take place in the unit itself but using an external USB-drive. This can be placed up to 60ft “away” from the Gentle for direct use at the listening position. Most comfortable the internal HDD can be used with 120GB storage for up to 12.000 minutes of music.

Every Gentle G192-Media player can be upgraded at any time to a high value pre-amplifier or to an integrated amplifier. This ensures that your investment is not only done on a media-player only, but prepares for future upgrades. You need not re-sell you unit to get a better device with all its possibilities.

Another untypical feature is the fact that very Gentle G192-Media player contains four Toslink inputs. This means that you have always a digital –pre-amplifier with input selection and volume control. If you need additional analog in- and outputs you can add this by inserting the ACB-option whenever you like to get a more complete pre-amplifier.

And for sure absolute exceptional: the room correction capability, since the necessary DSP is always on board. As you can see, the limits between a “pure” media-player and a pre-amplifier with all its opportunities are almost floating.

Software options can be easily upgraded at site. You can insert one or more individual software licence keys using the myG192 control center. This can be done by yourself or a dealer.

A power conditioner takes care that all the sensitive stages handling audio signals have perfect electrical conditions. At the same time this ensures that the unit is to be used at any place as long as the mains supply voltage ranges from 100V to 240V.

Phono with MC/MM available too

You can combine the Gentle G192-Media player directly with the behold Phono pre-amplifier PSD-192 at any time to get an “analog” source to a playback of excellence. The equalized audio signal of this Phono pre-amplifier will feed the Gentle G192-Media player totally free of losses and interferences at the highest bit rate of 192kHz using a Toslink connection.

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