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 Saturday  |  11.26.2022
Press - 2008 

Behold Gentile G192 Integrated amplifier (starts at $15k)

The long awaited introduction of behold's Gentile G192 was no disappointment. In hindsight, I was rather dismissive of all the so-called technology could be contained in its rather diminutive chassis. Well, I had the distinct pleasure to be the first to audition this gentile giant in my home thanks to, US distributor, Laufer Teknik. Its feature-laden options that include room correction, active digital crossover, additional multi–channel applications and a touch screen just to mention but a few DO perform as claimed. The behold Gentile may be the newest and smallest addition to the behold family however, the Gentile boasts very similar sonic characteristics as its more costly sibling minus a few hundred watts of lower octave energy power. I’m still in awe of how easily the Gentile can transform recorded music into a you-are-there-experience. As it stands in the here and now, the Gentile G192 has proven to be the single most important contributor to my musical enjoyment thus far. [read Gentile review by Dennis Parham]

"My Journey into Sound: Part Two"

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