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 Wednesday  |  11.29.2023
Products - behold Classic - Audio Processing Unit - APU-Moduls - CDP768 

CDP768: CD-Player Module 768kHz:


The Module

to run the CD-Player takes the complete control of the CD-Player drive. The "DSA-Commands" which the disk drive understands are generated here.

The Slot Size

of the module with it’s 30mm takes a special position. The available place in the APU768 is used optimally while the SubD 25 pole connection gets the necessary space.

This Interface

dos not only take the control of the CD-Player but also the processing of the audio data coming from disk drive. They are delivered with merely 2x 16Bits @ 44.1kHz PCM data and must be converted to the behold APU768 level of 2x 24Bits @ 768kHz.

In Two Steps

In particular all signals are converted in two steps in the behold CDP768. First the PCM rate of 44.1kHz is converted to192kHz sampling rate and from there to 4-fold, namely the already known 768 kHz.

Since the CD-Player

has no power supply of it’s own the power must come from the CDP module. This is carried out to avoid negative influences from the mains power supply and to simplify the attaching of the CD player. The required DC/DC converter is to be found here.

The APU768 is provided for the use of one CD-Player.

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