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 Friday  |  01.27.2023
Products - behold Classic - Audio Processing Unit - APU-Moduls 

APU768 Moduls with Digital and Analogue Audio Processing:


Octal Digital Input is a module which offers eight digital standardized inputs, four S/PDIF and four Toslink.


Analogue Digital Converter is a module featuring eight analogue signal inputs. They can be used either as four times stereo inputs or for 5.1 to 7.1 signals.


Digital Input/Output is a module with three digital standardised inputs and three digital standardised outputs.


Serial Data Input is a module to receive digital audio signals coming from the behold MCK768 to process e.g. phono signals.


Serial data output is a module to pass on the digital audio signals processed in the pre-amp to the behold final stages BPA768 or a D/A-Converter DAC768.


Digital Analogue Converter is the D/A-Converter to be used directly within the APU768 pre-amp.


CDP768 is the module to control the CD-Player. At the same time the PCM-Audio data are converted to the APU768 level.


DPS192 is a Digital Phono Module for use with Moving Coil or Moving Magnet Systems including the behold Digital Equalizer.

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