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 Wednesday  |  11.29.2023
Products - behold Classic - Audio Processing Unit - APU-Moduls - DPS192 

DPS192: Digital Phono Stage 192kHz

Moving Coil (MC)
or Moving Magnet (MM)

both can be used with the DPS192. The audio connection is made through conventional Cinch cables.


enable the setting of MC or MM cartridges. Also the analogue gain in front of the A/D-Conversion is set here. The switches are easily accessible through the cut-outs in the module panel and can be switched while in use.

Unusual good resolution of musical details

The DPS192 comprises of the latest technology to reveal the smallest details of the record. This is possible because these details are neither hidden in, nor overcast with additional noise. Such quality can only be achieved by using high grade components in an innovative new electronic circuit design. No capacitors are used in the signal path, nor other negative circuit designs like this. Digital signal processors are used to equalize the input signal. This enables a very high quality performance and also user definable equalizer functions. In addition one gets an at any time reproducible sound.

Ultra low noise unbalanced input stages

The analogue input stages of the DPS192 are built around the well known lowest noise audio-operational-amplifiers, the AD797. This allows for a highly flexible circuit design, needs no capacitors in the signal path, and is also extremely low noise in operation. With this gained flexibility both MC and MM systems can be used. In addition different gain settings of
0dB, +6dB, +12dB, +18dB up to +24dB can be obtained.

Direct 24Bit/192kHz A/D-Conversion

Immediately after the pre-amplifiers the A/D-Conversion of the non equalized phono-signals is performed, at a very high sampling rate of 24Bit/192kHz. No analogue equalization is done, which would have the same disadvantages as normal analogue phono equalizers. There is no use of signal coupling capacitors, and the A/D-Converter is DC-coupled also.

Digital Phono Equalizer at 192kHz sampling rate

The digital phono equalizer is realised with the help of a DSP working at the full sampling rate of 192kHz. This serves the best quality at a sampling rate that is also found with SACD and DVD-Audio.
At the same time the DSP supplies a fine tuning of the phono-amplification. The wide range enables an gain from -10dB up to +12dB in steps of 0.1dB.

Eight predefined equaliser functions

The DPS192 contains the eight most used equalisation functions, recalled with the remote control or more comfortably using the myPSD192 software. The eight stored lines are:
NARTB and London M33+M45.

User defined equalizer functions

In those rare cases, that a playback of a record with an equalisation function not found in the DPS192, one can design an equalizer function. This can be done entering the required time constant parameters or by modifying an existing function. The result can be stored and recalled under a user defined name.

The number of DPS192 in the pre-amp is arbitrary as long as there is free space.

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