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 Wednesday  |  11.29.2023
Products - behold Gentle - Pre-Amplifier 

Gentle G192-ACB: The digital pre-amplifier with analog in- & outputs

Gentle G192 without final power amplifier stages

The Gentle G192-ACB has its origin in the Gentle integrated amplifier without the final power amplifier stages. For this reason it contains all benefits of the Gentle concept plus the capability to use already installed analog or digital power amplifiers. Looking at this it’s irrelevant if the analog output or digital S/PDIF output (Toslink) or both together shall be in use. Both outputs deliver the same audio signal.

Now, an even higher standard has been attained, something purists have been waiting for: the “HDD-Player”. No further device is required! This player is an integral part of the Gentle G192 since the hardware was designed in from the very beginning. One Device – One Remote

As an external HDD-Player is always an additional device needing additional power supply, in most cases it requires another remote – a real annoyance for most. At the Gentle G192 almost everything works with only one remote control.

The D/A-Converter processes the audio signals coming from the DSP to the analog world. A monolithic converter is used followed by multiple audio operational amplifiers (OP275) to deliver DC coupled high level output signals. For sue no coupling capacitors can be found.

Internally this pre-amplifier works fully digital, with the exception of the A/D- and D/A-conversion of cause. Due to that you will never find analog switches or relays with a good chance to get worn out. Nor you find multitude buffers or amplifiers to handle the sensitive audio signals who do nothing good to them at all, since those are responsible for any kind of distortion. A software controlled multiplexer in a FPGA (Xilinx XCS05XL) makes sure to transfer the signal from the right place to the right place. Also the volume is calculated, in this case by a multiplication. Some critics might argue that information will got lost this way. I agree as far as the dynamic range will get smaller, the same way as at any other analog amplifier too, regardless if tubes or transistors are used. For this reason this is not a Gentle specific fault, it’s this way in general.

The Gentle G192-ACB with its six analog inputs (3x Stereo) can be expanded by additional two plus two digital inputs using the S/PDIF format installing the G192-ADB option.

One Audio-Signal-Processor offering the world’s best room correction as an option, which can be easily upgraded through a software option at your site.

The Gentle-Media Player is available as a software option, except you are buying the internal HDD. As you can see looking at the Gentle concept the limits between a pre-amplifier and an “universal device” are floating.

Software options can be easily upgraded at site. You can insert one or more individual software licence keys using the myG192 control center. This can be done by yourself or a dealer.

A power conditioner takes care that all the sensitive stages handling audio signals have perfect electrical conditions. At the same time this ensures that the unit is to be used at any place as long as the mains supply voltage ranges from 100V to 240V.

Phono with MC/MM available too

You can combine the Gentle G192 pre-amplifier directly with the behold Phono pre-amplifier PSD-192 at any time to get an “analog” source to a playback of excellence. The equalized audio signal of this Phono pre-amplifier will feed the Gentle G192 pre-amplifier totally free of losses and interferences at the highest bit rate of 192kHz using a Toslink connection.

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