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 Saturday  |  11.26.2022
Products - behold Classic - Audio Processing Unit - APU-Moduls - DAC192 

DAC192: D/A-Converter 192kHz

For Users

who like to have an analogous audio signal from the control device, the possibility is given here to receive such a signal in stereo or two canals from 5.1...7.1. 

This D/A-Converter

operates at 192kHz sampling rate, the rate which is used at SACD. This rate is the maximum with many other analogous audio signal processing.

Highest Demands

beyond this quality are fulfilled with the D/A-Converter behold DAC768.

The Analogus Signal

is made available via XLR for symmetrical outputs. The Cinch outputs likewise available deliver an asymmetrical analogous signal.

22Ω Series Resistance

are installed in the output circuit stage to the analogous line quite specifically. The experience of RF technology shows clearly that the coupling may not be directly carried out to a very low-impedance output circuit stage because otherwise the reflections which always appear would not be sufficiently terminated.

On the other hand

the 22Ω by far do not result to a considerable drop of the frequency response, even not at a 10m long cable. Checked briefly: At a Cable capacity of approx. 100pF/m a length of 10m will result to approx. 1nF. The -3dB corner frequency of a RC low-pass of 22Ω/1nF is at 7.2MHz and therefore far away from every audio frequency.

5.1 Users

can use for sure three DAC192 to get the six necessary outputs.

For this also applies, the number of the DAC192 in the pre-amp APU768 is limited to at most four.

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