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 Saturday  |  11.26.2022
Products - behold Classic - Other Components - MCA768 

MCA768: Moving Coil Adapter 768kHz

Directly on the Headshell

the very sensitive phono signals are pre-amplified and A/D-converted immediately. This is the way to lower analogue losses to an absolute minimum.

The Pre-amplifying

is necessary because the electrical signals of the moving coil are much too small to send them directly to an A/D-converter.

This Procedure

enables to shorten all analogue wiring to an absolute minimum. Lower losses are not possible.

Losses or Distortions

thereby are so low that they are no longer measurable.

Two Separate A/D-Converters

operate at 768 kHz, i.e. with the four-times sampling frequency compared to the SACD signal.

16-time higher

is this frequency compared to a standard CD or DAT of 44.1/48 kHz. This means it is far beyond anything else before now.

The Digital Data Stream

produced is sent serially via an extremely thin special cable to the MCK768.

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