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 Wednesday  |  11.29.2023
Products - behold Classic - Audio Processing Unit - APU-Moduls - ADC192 

ADC192: A/D-Converter 192kHz

The Analogous Inputs

for high level signals are combined by behold in one module with 4 stereo inputs. Consequently four different stereo signals can be processed at the same time, i.e. A/D-converted.

4 Stereo-A/D-Converters

convert synchronously, not switched in succession. The sampling rate of the A/D-Converters is 192 kHz in the same way as SACD. The conversion to 768 kHz when processing a stereo signal is done also digitally in this module.



An SACD Signal

from an external SACD player is fed in into the ADC192. Also the use of two or more players for comparison is possible here.

The analogous 5.1 input

is also realized here by connecting 6 of the 8 analogous inputs. 6.1 and 7.1 can of course also be realized here. The sampling rate of 192 kHz is passed on in turn with 4 x 192 kHz resulting consequently to 768 kHz here.

SACD + 5.1

to be used in common is intended by using the inputs 1 to 6 for 5.1 and the SACD signal is connected to 7 + 8. For SACD a sampling rate of 768 kHz is provided for the further processing, For 5.1 in turn it is 4 x 192 kHz.

The Configuration

is set up in the control unit APU768 using the software of the menu control.

It applies also here that the number of ADC192 is arbitrary to the pre-amp APU768 as long as there is space.

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