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 Saturday  |  11.26.2022
Products - behold Classic - Audio Processing Unit - APU-Moduls - DIO768 

DIO768: Digital In- + Output 768kHz:


Digital Audio Sources

Many stereo audio sources today are digital such as CD, DVD, digital TV etc. All players of that category have analogue outputs, using them would distorte the sensitive audio signal.

S/PDIF Audio Signals 

In the meantime, however, most players have an optical or electrical digital output too. Those outputs deliver in general a standardized digital audio signal named S/PDF (asymmetrical) or AES/EBU symmetrical).


The optical output via toslink also delivers a signal specified to S/PDIF. All three can be recorded by the behold DIO768. Within certain limits it doesn't matter at which data rate the signal arrives.

All Signals

between 32 kHz and 108 kHz are processed in the best possible way. Consequently also the known sampling rates of 44,1 kHz (CD-player), 48 kHz (DVD, DAT + TV) and 96 kHz (studio technology) are recorded.

Also Forwarding

Input "and" Output means of course also the forwarding of digital audio signals from behold to other digital devices which understand those standards. 

In Two Steps 

It may be particularly mentioned here that all signals in the behold DIO768 are converted in two steps. At first they are converted step-less from the input initial data rate to 192 kHz sampling rate and from there fourfold to the 768 kHz already known.

Highest Possible Level

The signals then are available for the further processing in the system on highest possible level. We of course can not process information not available in the digital audio signal. We can, however, reduce considerably the negative effects which unavoidable appear at low sampling rates. 

It applies also here that the number of DIO768 is arbitrary to the pre-amp APU768 as long as there is space.

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