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 Sunday  |  08.07.2022
Products - behold Gentle - Pre-Amplifier - Media 

Gentle G192-Media Player in the Pre-Amplifier

What is so special about the Gentle G192-HDD player besides its integration within the same device? Well, it’s in how the music is recovered from the storage media. Conventional CD-Players have the unwanted character of needing to read the CD in real time. The resulting consequences are more or less fatal and can’t bypassed. Every wobble of the laser read head creates bit-errors. In most cases they can’t be corrected. Also a “jitter free” audio signal is not derived from this processing. This not only generate noise but influences the timing behavior too. All those negative effects can be avoided by using a Solid-State-Player while the audio data are read much more rapidly from the CD to store in a Solid-State-RAM. If bit-errors occur the CD-transport will read the same piece of track as often as necessary until it’s read correctly, if such a function is implemented. Having such a capability on board the Gentle playback is even “better” then the original CD-playback. And at the same time it can be reproduced as often as wanted without any degradation in quality.

The audio data read from the Solid-State-RAM generates music with a quality that will beat any conventional CD-drive. Using this feature, it’s no longer important where the music comes from - CD, hard disk or an other source. The Gentle G192-HDD reproduces music on a level of quality that could only be achieved, if at all, by using a large-scale setup using “many” and “single” devices.

The graphical appearance of the Gentle G192-Media Player

The hierarchical order by Genre, Artist, Album and Title is a fundamental order in which a track can be found within a tremendous amount of titles. But this by far doesn’t define the only order possible. Help is given by the “Queue” button, the “Move Up”, “move Down” and “ Delete”, as well as the page-up / page-down buttons to generate as many as play-lists as you like. But not only that, “foreign” play-lists can be processed offered in the M3U-format (WinAmp, Nero etc.).

The four following screens show the ease of use of the Multi-Media-Player:

G192-Media Spieler Titel

G192-Media Spieler Now-Playing

The following pictures represent the HDD screens with its progress bar and also the playback of CD using an external CD/DVD-ROM-drive via USB.

G192-Media Spieler CD Tracks

G192-Media Spieler CD Now-Playing

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