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 Monday  |  09.25.2023
TWBAS 2009 - Articles 

Articles about "TWBAS 2009"

By Jeff Fritz

The concept
The challenge
The search

By Doug Schneider: "TWBAS" Comes Alive! dated 18. März 2009

"The World's Best Audio System" ("TWBAS") started as a feature column by Jeff Fritz on Ultra Audio. The purpose of the column has been to explore system building using products that are often cost no object, to the point of being extreme. Amplifiers and speakers that costs tens of thousands of dollars are not uncommon for "TWBAS." But for years we've wanted "TWBAS" to be more -- something real, something you can feel.

In March 2009, that happened. March 14-15 a showcase of high-priced audio equipment worth more than $360,000 was all set up in Jeff Fritz's "Music Vault" listening room ...    http://www.soundstage.com/ssupdate/20090318.htm
For many years I've been saying, "The SoundStage! Network needs a show." It seems like the logical next step. However, creating and running a show is much easier said than done. Obviously, it would be a lot of work. Plus, I knew that we wouldn't want a typical audio show -- the kind with cramped hotel rooms where beds are pulled out and nightstands are shoved against the walls to make way for all the equipment. Those shows aren't conducive to what the finest hi-fi is about. They're more like a bazaar. ...

By Simeon Louis Sandiford: "TWBAS 2009 Fulfils a Fusillade of Fetishism" dated 1. April 2009

-An invitation to The World’s Best Audio System 2009 (TWBAS 2009), held March 13-15, 2009, created a unique opportunity to at long last meet Rockport Technologies’ flagship Arrakis loudspeakers. This was more than music to mine ears. It signified the fulfillment of a dream.
The Rockports would be driven by Behold processing and power amplifiers, and a Black Box music server from Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems. Shunyata Research would supply power cords and line conditioners, and Crystal Cable the speaker cables and digital interconnects. Harmonic Resolution Systems would install vibration isolation racks to house the electronics. And Terry Montlick Labs had already certified and optimized the Music Vault for acoustic neutrality. ...

By Albert Bellg: "Concerto for Writer and The World’s Best Audio System 2009" dated 1. April 2009

Somewhere in the sky over the Midwest, the question came to me: Why am I flying halfway across the country to listen to a stereo system?
The answer, which I shared with the group attending TWBAS 2009 at dinner Friday night, came out something like this:
Back when I was a teenager, I had a "profound" philosophical discussion with some friends about which physical sense would be the most disabling to lose. ...

By Jeff Fritz: "The Event" dated 1. April 2009

I hope you’ve been following the 2009 installments of "TWBAS." If so, this is probably not the article you thought I’d be writing. It’s not the article I thought I’d be writing. TWBAS 2009 was a huge success on almost every level, but the nature of the quest for the highest-end audio injected some unanticipated twists and turns into the proceedings.
If you’ve been tracking the progress of TWBAS 2009, either from reading my thread in the "Ultra Hi-End HT Gear ($20,000+)" section of the AV Science Forum, or from the last article, "The Arrival," that appeared in this space on Ultra Audio, you’ve no doubt sensed my enthusiasm for the project. It would be easy to envision some lovesick audiophile ...

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