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Products - behold Classic 

Devices and Components Available Today

This side shall give a summary of components available today. There will be a changes over time of cause adding more parts. 

The Modular Pre-Amp APU768

In this area everything concerns about the preamplifier. The main subject in this chapter is the main unit itself as well as the plug in modules and their function.

The Family of Final Stages BPA768

In this section the behold power final stages BPA768 are described, both the construction and the applications. And of course the very special features.


The describtion of the CD-Player, a true mass disk drive, is to be found in this chapter. The corpus is milled from a full block of aluminum. The disk drive is put in from the bottom ...


Here the D/A-Converters are described who are intended for the use of analogue power final stages within the behold system. They are to be placed at the "foreign" final stages to generate an analogue signal on the highest possible level to modulate the final stages.

Phono Stage PSD192M with Motor Supply

The Phono Stage PSD192 containing optionally a motor supply is the topic of this chapter. The very special is the fact that all equalizer function are calculated with DSPs making a loss free operation possible.

Other Components

All parts which are not described under APU768, BPA768, CD-Player , DAC768 or PSD192 are put together under accessories.

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